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Student Financial Services

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George Coles Graduate Scholarship

The George Coles Graduate Scholarship is a scholarship for Island residents graduating from UPEI or Maritime Christian College in their first undergraduate degree.

Who qualifies?

To be eligible for the award all of the following conditions must be met:
  1. It is the student's first undergraduate degree.
  2. The undergraduate degree is a minimum of four years in length.
  3. The student meets the residency requirements (outlined below).
  4. The student has applied to graduate.
  5. The student has supplied their SIN to the institution.
  6. The student has not received a government issued, sponsored or guaranteed loan from a province, state or territory other than PEI.
  7. The student has not received financial support from any third party agency or government department such as Skills Development, Indian and Northern Affairs, Workers Compensation, etc. in the school year for which the award is being requested.


The total graduate scholarship is $2,000 inclusive of bursaries previously issued as 4th year Island Student Award.

  1. graduating students who have previously received the $600 4th year Island Student Award shall be awarded an additional $1,400 scholarship.
  2. graduating students who have not received the 4th year Island Student Award shall be awarded a $2,000 scholarship.
  3. 4th year students ineligible to graduate will receive a $600 Island Student Award and the additional $1,400 scholarship will be issued on meeting graduation criteria outlined above.

The student can receive the award only once.

The Institution shall provide a list of those students who meet the George Coles Graduate Scholarship criteria.

The scholarship shall be applied to the student account at the Institution.

No funds shall be released to the student until:

  • the last day to drop classes has passed, and
  • the institution has determined that the student has met the criteria for graduation, and
  • the student is on the list of graduating students.

Students whose names were not provided to the province, or who were initially deemed ineligible for the George Coles Graduate Scholarship may complete an appeal form with the institutions' Department of Student Services.

Residency Requirements
  • Student must have graduated from an Island high school, or meet the residency requirements for student loans.

General Contact Information

(902) 368-4640

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